2. We newly established the “Overseas Business Development Department.”



10.11.22 We signed an MOU concerning sales of cubicles with SPC in Thailand.

 On November 22, 2010, Mr. Hirofumi Tayama, the President of ENEGATE Co., Ltd, and Ms. Wandee Khunchornyakong, the President of Solar Power Company, Ltd. (SPC), signed an MOU at the head office of SPC concerning the sale of 22 kV cubicles for the system interconnection of 31 photovoltaic power generation stations (total generation capacity: 186 MW) which will be constructed by SPC in Thailand.

  SPC holds the rights for 204 MW of renewable energy out of the total renewable energy market of about 3,000 MW in Thailand. SPC sets the capacity standard as 6 MW in all the power stations. One station has already gone into operation, two stations are now under construction and 34 stations (204 MW) in total will be constructed, mainly in the north-eastern part of Thailand.

  We will sell 22 kV cubicles to SPC for 31 locations, excluding the existing power station and those under construction.

Miss Wandee, Chief Executive Officer of SPCG Public Company Limited and Mr. Tayama President