2. The Minster for Energy of Thailand visited our company.



10.06.21 The Minster for Energy of Thailand visited our company.

Mr. Tayama President and Mr. Wannarat The MinsterInspection the product.the production line of Unit-type Watt-Hour MeterDemonstration of 「Electric Vehicle Charging System」

On June 21, 2010, Energy Minister Wannarat Channukul visited our Senrioka Works to see the next-generation Watt-hour meter production line and our R&D products. (The Minister participated in the APEC Energy Ministers’ Meeting held in Fukui Prefecture on June 19 and 20.)

 The Minister's visit to ENEGATE was realized at the request of the Thai government. The field of energy management is becoming an important issue in Thailand, where energy saving is their priority.

He was very interested in our products, and, during the demonstration of our R&D products, we received a lot of questions from the Minister concerning  the “energy management systems,” “monitor units for photovoltaic power generation systems,” “power feeding systems for EV,” etc.

Furthermore, in our new “ECOCUBE” factory, He toured the integrated production lines of High Tech Watt-Hour meter of the next generation. He seemed to be strongly impressed.

The party of Thailand (at ECOCUBE)