Massage from the President

I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for your kind patronage of our products and services. Thank you very much.
 The development of the information and telecommunications society and the economic progress of emerging nations are accompanied by an increasing demand for energy, and action to tackle environmental problems such as global warming is now an important task.ENEGATE wants to achieve steady and sustainable growth as a company that supports the Japanese electric power industry and works towards the creation of a more comfortable society.
 Since our establishment in 1914 we have contributed to the growth of the electric industry via our meters, measuring and control devices, transformers, and power distribution systems. Based on these core business areas, we provide an integrated service that covers everything from software business solutions and the manufacturing and marketing of equipment, devices and electrical works to engineering and maintenance.
 To realize a low-carbon society in the future we must shift to electric energy and enhance energy utilization technologies such as smart grids. ENEGATE’s credo is cultivating, expanding and diversifying our core competencies. As a leading electric energy solutions provider, and a member of the Kansai Electric Power/Osaki Electric group, ENEGATE sees the green industrial revolution as an opportunity and is leveraging the expertise of our young engineers to move assertively into new business domains that have taken off from our core business of 100 years.ENEGATE will open up the gateway to the better use of energy and consequently enhance people’s living environment.
 We will also continue to evolve while retaining the trust of our customers. All our board members and employees are, and always will be, true to our customer-first, safety-first principle, and intend to live up to the expectations of our customers.
 As we head towards our centenary, we hope that you will continue to offer ENEGATE your encouragement and support.

President Masahiko Okada
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