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History of ENEGATE

1914 Ashida Industry established
1917 Ashida Industry became a joint-stock company
1942 Ashida Industry Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary of Tokyo Dento Co., Ltd.
1945 Ashida Industry Co., Ltd. Changed its name to Toko Seiki Co., Ltd.
1951 Toko Seiki Co., Ltd. became an affiliate ofKansai ElectricPower Co.,Inc.
Kansai Keiki Co., Ltd. established
1954 Sonoda Keiki Co., Ltd. established
1962 Kansai Henseiki Co., Ltd. established
2004 Toko Seiki Co., Ltd., Kansai Keiki Co., Ltd., Sonoda Keiki Co., Ltd.
and Kansai Henseiki Co., Ltd. merged to form Enegate Co.,Ltd.
2007 Business tie-up with Osaki Electric Co., Ltd.
2009 Completion of “ECOCUBE” in the Senrioka Works
and start of unit-type Watt-hour meter production
2011 Completion of “SMART LABO” in the Senrioka Works
(laboratory for experiment of HEMS and BEMS)
2012 Completion of “ECOCUBE SOUTH BLDG” in the Senrioka Works.
Establish of a joint corporation ”ENEGATE THAILAND” with a Photovoltaic Power Generation Company in Thailand.
2013 Transformer Division removed to Senrioka Works.
2014 ENEGATE celebrated the Company's 100th Anniversary

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